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Suggested outline:

Poultry are birds kept at home. many farmers keep birds in small way just for their own use on a free range system. however there are many ways of keeping poultry

Select site which is near home and welll drained and free from bush around it

A well ventilated house with strong door and wall is required for birds to prevent them from predators

select hens and cocks for breeding from good mothers and of good record based on the farme record and disease free

hen will be rady or cock ready to serve at 6-8 months

the cock will start to crow

the hen willmake noise and follow up the cock

local poultry will feed locally... oon free range birds can be fed on home made cereals and they can scavange on anything that come across clean water should be provided at all times for the birds to drinking

always keep the house clean wash feed and drinking utensils disinfect the house every after one month

newcastle - this is a viral disease and it is very serious. it is spread by contact of one bird to another and use of dirty equipments

mites snakes

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